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A contact form with the Mail 2 section activated.

With this activated an email which had been pre-configured is used as an autoresponder, it would need to contain all the relevant fields which would be extracted from the contact form.

A copy mail cc: field is not nrmally included inside the normal mail reply section. The default setting on a contact form, is to send email to the contact team email address,  a copy is not sent to anyone else.

I prefer to add the cc: filed into the standard reply section, which one saves time and alos that the person can see when they read the email, that it is an exact copy of the email delivered to the team.

The question is, is it better to use the cc: field over an autoresponder?

Not 100% sure, however an autoresponder does allow for the text within the emails sent to the team to be different from the text sent to persson filling out the contact form.

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